We stayed at this place called Shillong Hills Guest House. George who owns the place suggested we visit Laitlum. This place wasn't part of our original plan, and we were a bit skeptical, but he managed to convenience us. In the end we ended up spending over three hours here.

High resolution of photos at 500px

Laitlum means where the hills are set free in Khasi, and it'.s quite evident why. The view of the canyon is breath-taking. There's no way you can get enough of this place.

There's a path leading to the village at the bottom, but outsiders aren't allowed in apparently. I was told this after I had climbed down some 75% of the way down the steep path. Not complaining though- the short trek up and down with the view in front was well worth it.

Laitlum is about 30kms from Shillong and takes an hour or so by road. We reached there by 10, and avoided the crowd.


  1. Oh wow, cant wait to read more... Even though I heard the whole story from you, this is equally exciting :D

    Kick ass pics. was gonna ask why you aint sharing any on instagram!!

    1. Haha, yes, it's nice to blogging again. Insta is for mobile photos. I share the DSLR ones on 500px :)


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