Sunrise and sunset at Kanyakumari

Too many temples of late, so here's something different. This trip happened in 2011, somewhere around September end. I was traveling on work down South and decided to spend a day lazing about in Kanyakumari.

I was assured by some that the only thing to do in Kanyakumari are some unmentionables, sunrise and sunset. I was not interested in the unmentionables and sunrise and sunset don't require much effort from your side- you just stand there and watch what has been happening forever. Some smart chap even decided to build a tower, call it a viewing point and charge people a small amount to watch the spectacle.

But it was worth it. One of the joys of traveling alone is that you can sit in random places and contemplate on life, the universe and that sort of deep things which help one feel like an ancient creature, kraken maybe?

The sunset was tame enough, a walk up to the viewing point, interaction with school kids from a nearby town on a field trip and a couple of photos. The sun went into the Arabian sea as expected without much ado and click, click, there you have it.

The sunrise was slightly more eventful, I almost overslept and the hotel guys were sweet enough to wake me up for it. I pulled my on trousers and ran- and boy, it was worth it. An explosion of colours, as the sun slowly wound its way up the horizon.

There is this Vivekanada rock, where Swami Vivekananda meditated and all- nothing fancy about it, though I shot this picture of the coastline from there.

Another highlight of the trip was bumping into someone whose blog I have read for a long time. Old man with a long flowing beard and specs, and I knew it must be him(no, not Dumbledore.)

Kanyakumari district also has a lot of windmills. A lot like a lot of stars. Didn't bother shooting it though. Oh! and this poem was inspired by the trip.


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